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Six Tape

Six Tape is a tribute to all the underdogs out there. It’s for you who had to take the hard way to reach your goals. Our path is Independent, as challengers for DIY with Underground ideals. For us, the can-do mindset, the pride in creating something from scratch and the rebellious attitude to do things your own way, is the ultimate kick. That is also how we create music to inspire people to do the same. Symbolism is all in our lyrics. Thoughts, ideas, dreams and experiences, symbolic or twisted into analogies or metaphors. That is to allow you to relate to things that mean something to you. You are the alternative, the unrepentant and we want you to rise to the challenge. To do what you always wanted to do. Set your mind to it and go! #decadencesweden #sixtape

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Latex Rituals

Latex Rituals is a mental reminder, a sort of totem, of a time to look back at when things start to go in the wrong direction. When you are lead off path, look back at this turning point. Sometimes, all it takes is to have something to jog the memory to remember your state of mind then and continue forward on the path you actually wanted to take. Maybe a photo, music or even a piece of shiny vinyl like for the faded star in this song. #decadencesweden #sixtape

🎥 https://youtu.be/HQGNLKIggmw
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Red Façade Hotel

Red Façade Hotel is a place that exists in the Trinity. You will learn more about the Trinity in the next lyrical deep dive. The sanctuary is mentioned in that song, and that is where the hotel is found. It is a place where dreams are created. A dreamland of sorts, but allowing the dreams to turn into plans and actions, if you stay focused enough. We all need a place like this to ease back to and work on new ideas and let creativity run free. When everything else is chaos in life, find your Red Façade Hotel and gather your thoughts because there is always a way out, if you stay focused enough… 🏩 #decadencesweden #sixtape

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Trinity is actually a map. Three key locations. One of which connects to Steam City. Another that holds the spot where the dreamland Red Façade Hotel is found. The nature and surroundings is described for each place. The Inner Circle also has a connection as “the frozen city” is mentioned in that song. Go get lost in Decadence… 🛤 #decadencesweden #sixtape

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Lo Badland

A new character of Decadence is born. Lo hangs out with The Inner Circle in the frozen city. A vagabond where every place is home. Living on the edge with a thrill delight, to rule and own the night. Lo has experienced the rise and fall. Feels like the world has outgrown its basic need and seeks comfort in being on the road. 🍻🌃♠️ decadencesweden #sixtape

🎥 https://youtu.be/IkaWHHtSNN8
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Something More

When life has offered you a taste of something extraordinary, it makes it hard to go back. Things just don’t seem to be good enough anymore. The need for that second taste gets overwhelming at times. To find new grounds of satisfaction makes that craving a driver to reach goals, instead of the actual needs at hand. Depending on what this ‘something more’ is, you must decide on how much it is controlling your life and if you should break free of it, untie yourself and resynchronize, or to go for it, take it, and do it all the way. 🎭 decadencesweden #sixtape

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This song is our standpoint on the intellectual property question. We share all our songs and creative work for free. If someone reposts it, we will back it up. If someone wants to show us financial support, go ahead by buying our albums or merch. That will help us make more albums. We reach our peak, non-commercialized, with means that are clean. YOU are the army that will lead it all to victory. 👊 decadencesweden #sixtape

🎥 https://youtu.be/j1z99mC5rp4
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🔠 https://www.decadence.se/music/lyrics/#exposure

In Natura

When artificial life takes over our natural ways, the way to reach balance is to look back at the raw and pure. Nature is a guideline when making new decisions, whether it comes to environmental issues or personal wellbeing. 🌿 decadencesweden #sixtape

🎥 https://youtu.be/ereDcHuHVTI
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In the song ‘Tighter’ we question leaders who stopped working for genuine passion and instead went for prestige and careers. And the followers, who stopped thinking and taking responsibility and instead are blindly following orders. This is a time when we should start speaking our minds. Leading is a difficult task, and questioning decisions also requires strength. But, the way to grow is not by doing things the way they have always been done, or in a way that does not seem right, whether it is technically, morally, unequally etc., to the people executing it. However, it has to be done in order to develop in a way that’s far more rooted with people in mind, not to lose humanity and reason into why things are actually done. decadencesweden #sixtape

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