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If you want to catch up, here’s what’s been happening in the Decadence camp!

✅ 2019-05-12
The press release on Decadence 6th studio album entitled SIX TAPE is published: https://bit.ly/2BQf5h1. It is revealed that all tracks will be available for free share, as well as a physical album for the die-hard fans. SIX TAPE is a word mash up of mixtape, number six in the discography and erotica in lyrical double-meanings that are praising independence. Decadence confirm they are available for booking live shows again – as in the past, the band goes where the band is asked to come, meaning, no tour or special occasion necessary. Along with the news, session drummer Lawrence Dinamarca – Drummer (Carnal Forge /Loch Vostok), who also played on the previous album UNDERGROUNDER, enters the studio. An old school cassette tape in black and neon pink color is teased on the artwork.

✅ 2019-05-16
Decadence meets up with Lawrence Dinamarca – Drummer in the studio when he records his final tracks for SIX TAPE: https://bit.ly/2Nj6qsSLeo Margarit (Pain of Salvation) is the drum studio tech. Lawrence sends his greetings: https://bit.ly/2WiGaCY

✅ 2019-06-03
The SIX TAPE cover art is revealed: https://bit.ly/32RMqUM

✅ 2019-06-13
The women behind the Art of Decadence are presented: https://bit.ly/2MT6255. A young girl from Georgia in Eastern Europe, RusoTsig, is announced as the designer of the SIX TAPE cover art.

✅ 2019-07-28
Kenneth Lantz teases a clip of a SIX TAPE guitar riff: https://bit.ly/32WzsVQ

✅ 2019-08-12
Metallic Kitty announces there will be nine tracks on the album, making SIX TAPE the album with the longest playing time as of yet: https://bit.ly/2Ni6CIU

Metallic Kitty enters the studio and lays down all tracks: https://bit.ly/36dF28c. She teases a clip from the studio: https://bit.ly/2ooqstl

✅ 2019-08-20
Decadence announces that there will be lyric videos for all nine tracks, done DIY: https://bit.ly/2Prj6Ra

✅ 2019-08-23
Kenneth Lantz teases a clip of a SIX TAPE bass riff: https://bit.ly/2oloLwK

✅ 2019-08-16
Metallic Kitty publishes a chronicle “Independent Music Does Not Have Souls For Sale”: https://bit.ly/31XgQU1 further setting the statement for SIX TAPE and Decadence as an Independent band.

✅ 2019-09-09
Decadence urges fans to revive the Street Teams, France is the first to jump onboard with the same Street Team Master as when the Street Teams started back in 2006: https://bit.ly/2Nn8jo7

✅ 2019-10-02
A promoter Santiago Metal Festival urges fans to share the information that Decadence is wanted to tour Latin America: https://bit.ly/36eWGsg

✅ 2019-10-03
The SIX TAPE tracklist is announced: https://bit.ly/2ooTIAd

✅ 2019-10-07
Decadence announce mixing by Teddy Möller (Loch Vostok) and mastering by Jocke Skog (Clawfinger) done: https://bit.ly/2BRHJOG

✅ 2019-10-10
Decadence former guitarist Kristian Gustavsson (Prosector/Bleeding Utopia) reveals that he will appear with a guest solo on the album, something completely out of the standard Decadence palette, for the track LATEX RITUALS: https://bit.ly/2BOzq6l

✅ 2019-10-11
The SIX TAPE release date is revealed and set to Nov 1: https://bit.ly/2PsjT44

✅ 2019-10-17
Metallic Kitty teases a photo of her in front of a location that is one of the song titles on the album, RED FAÇADE HOTEL: https://bit.ly/2pn4Vlf

✅ 2019-10-22
An exclusive radio interview with Metallic Kitty for Metal Messiah Radio is announced and will be aired on Nov 7: https://bit.ly/2WmIfO0

✅ 2019-10-24
Decadence announce SIX TAPE will be available for free share on Youtube, physical albums for sale in the Deca Shop and that all is prepped for streaming services too. Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal, Deezer and the list goes on: https://bit.ly/2Nl1Ava

✅ 2019-10-25
6 facts on SIX TAPE are highlighted, some of which are that there will be riffs on SIX TAPE that were written during the 3RD STAGE OF DECAY era and that one song is a response to a viral event in the Metal industry on the intellectual property question: https://bit.ly/2WmyzmT

✅ 2019-10-27
Decadence confirm joining Instagram as the main social media source: https://www.instagram.com/decadencesweden/

…and now we wait for Nov 1!
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