Powered by its two song writers who have been writing music together for over 15 years. ‘Metallic’ Kitty Saric and Kenneth Lantz are back to form the new Decadence. Kicking off with a full-length album named after who they consider themselves to be. And who they consider their fans to be. Prepare for a Thrashing Death experience, louder and faster than ever before.

Decadence presents: UNDERGROUNDER (release in January 2017).

Behind the drums is the talented Lawrence Dinamarca (Nightrage /Loch Vostok /Carnal Forge) who shared Decadence vision and whom Decadence is honored to have on board for the album.

“Sharing these news with you today is something I’ve been waiting for five years to do. Kenneth and I have created something that I didn’t think was possible. We’ve taken all we’ve learnt and gathered through the many years we had with early Decadence and lifted it to create an album for you that reveals everything about who we are as musicians due to it. Decadence is such a huge part of our lives and it always will be. We didn’t leave a bit behind. It’s all there for you. We give Joakim Antman (bass) and Erik Röjås (drums) our biggest gratitude for the years we played together.

Celebrating 10 years in the Metal game with Decadence that halted in 2013 will now continue on its path moving forward. Decadence has an inspiring resume to show for the past decade with four full-length albums, two of which were released within one year, and the fifth full-length coming up. Decadence has always been a promoter of the Underground music scene. Pushing for the DIY, licensed their top selling release to three different labels simultaneously while running it through the own label HTI Records (now re-named Heavy Dose after the band’s first single), pushed for other bands to do the same, and had all promotion pushed by fans for fans through street teams, fan clubs and Metalheads from all over the world. In addition to amazing fan driven concerts, they most recently visited Venezuela that became the summing up of the 10 years together. Decadence never stopped, it evolved. And now they are back to continue spreading the message.

Special thanks to:
Lawrence Dinamarca, Teddy Möller, Robert Lantz, Robert Arnlund, Martin Juntunen and all fans!

For more info:
Press contact: kitty@decadence.se
Label: Heavy Dose
Facebook: Kitty Saric /Artist Page: Metallic Kitty

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