DECADENCE Sweden - Undergrounder

Undergrounder – Just when you thought Decadence was lost forever and BAM! A massive comeback with 100% intense high level energy that will make your adrenalin rush.

"Another masterpiece after all these years - the main composers Kitty and Kenneth are back with killing songs, their sound is still here and will conquer the old fans as the new ones. Thrash it all with this awesome band that is thankfully keeping the flame alive! 100/100." - The Metal Mag

Decadence' 5th studio album

  1. The Inner Circle
  2. Steam City
  3. Underground
  4. In Sickness and Health
  5. Powerhouse
  6. One More Fight
  7. Manifesto
  8. Always The More Extreme

Title: Underground
Release date: April 10, 2017
Release type: Full-length Album
Label: Heavy Dose

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