DECADENCE Sweden - 3rd Stage of Decay (Japanese Edition)

3rd Stage of Decay, 2nd Ed. – We got the priviledge to re-release this album in Japan. Remember old school Thrashers XENTRIX? Well, Chris Astley joined us for the bonus track. We were like kids all over again when we heard it.

"I feel very proud to be part of the whole thing" - Chris Astley of Xentrix

Decadence 3rd studio album (Japanese Edition - Exported)

  1. Corrosion
  2. Claustrophobia
  3. 3rd Stage of Decay
  4. Theater of The Absurd
  5. Settle The Score
  6. Sculpture
  7. Invert
  8. Endgame
  9. Corrosion feat. Chris Astley of the great 80's-90's Thrash band Xentrix

Title: 3rd Stage of Decay
Release date: June 27, 2007
Release type: Full-length Album
Licensed to: Spiritual Beast
Distribution: Universal Music Japan

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