Impetative Music - The Global Metal Compilation Vol.XV

The Global Metal Compilation Vol. XV – Underground bands from all over the world. CD/DVD format with interactive menu items featuring music, music videos, and information for each band. Limited stock!

"It is one of the best compilation you can find! Spreading all the Metal styles from Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal…. bands from France, Germany, Sweden, USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan…it is a massive support for all those bands who are trying to get out of the massive amount of bands trying to reach out the fans." - The Metal Mag

Compilation album feat. Decadence

  1. Shadows Legacy (BRAZIL)
  2. West of Hell (CANADA)
  3. Death (UNITED STATES)
  4. Destruction (GERMANY)
  5. Decadence (SWEDEN)
  6. Saints of Death (CANADA)
  7. Riotous Indignation (UNITED STATES)
  8. Cradle of Filth (ENGLAND)
  9. Gone by Sundown (SWEDEN)
  10. Hammerfall (SWEDEN)
  11. Devoid (FRANCE)
  12. Blood of Angels (UNITED STATES)
  13. Totem and Taboo (ITALY)
  14. The Rest of us is Dead (GERMANY)
  15. Hellzeimer (FRANCE)
  16. Azurica (GERMANY)
  17. Alice in Hell (JAPAN)
  18. Marching Out (JAPAN)
  19. Karyttah (BRAZIL)
  20. Dacing Flame (BRAZIL)
  21. Inner Call (BRAZIL)
  22. Snow.I.U (SWEDEN)
  23. Rising All (JAPAN)
  24. Tchandala (BRAZIL)
  25. Norium (BRAZIL)
  26. Apple Sin (BRAZIL)
  27. Black Daffodils (GERMANY)
  28. Amethyst (COSTA RICA)
  29. Fenrir's Scar (BRAZIL)
  30. Gilead (RUSSIA)
  31. Deathroll (JAPAN)
  32. Hanging Death (UNITED STATES=

Title: The Global Metal Compilation Vol. XV
Release date: May 11, 2018
Release type: Compilation Album
Label: Imperative Music

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