DECADENCE Sweden - first album, self titled

Decadence, self-titled - We were a young bunch, the world before us. This is how it started guys, this is the beginning of forever. This is your first taste of Decadence.

"This is Melodic Stockholm Death at its best. The song material is very good and varying, sometimes insanity at the highest level and sometimes like pure old hard rock." - Filip Mijatovic for Nocturnal Horde

"A good album, that make the melody its strong point. This can only give more interest to every song. A good album, for everyone who are searching something new from the standard Melo-Death." - Alessandro Manocchio for Metal Holocaust

Decadence' 1st independent studio album

  1. Wrathful and Sullen
  2. Heavy Dose
  3. Black Eternity
  4. Decadence
  5. Foyer of Hell
  6. Among The Fallen
  7. Dagger of The Mind
  8. War Within

Title: Decadence
Release date: February 28, 2005
Release type: Full-length Album
Label: Independent

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