DECADENCE Sweden - Chargepoint

Chargepoint - Sorry guys, this bad guy is sold out! It was made in a limited stock for the Asian market and is now out there with some of you. Search the web, the one who seeks may find!

"Melodic sensibilities with an unrelenting thrash barrage of riffs, machinegun drums, spitfire vocals, and stampeding gallops, their appointed brand of 'Melodic Thrash Metal' has in all likelihood reached its peak for this year’s 'Chargepoint'." - Rock Hospital Webzine.

"Some bands spend their whole career looking for that recognizable sound, Decadence was on its way to it right from the beginning." - FuryRocks Webzine

Decadence' 4th studio album (Japanese Edition)

This album was made in a limited stock for the Asian market and has been completely sold out!
Decadence thanks all their fans and friends for the great support!

  • Discharge
  • Silent Weapon (For A Quiet War)
  • Out Of Ashes
  • Point Of No Return
  • Strength Of Mind
  • Fast Forward
  • Challenge
  • Be Home When I'm Gone
  • The Demons Run (Bonus track)

Title: Chargepoint
Release date: October 14, 2009
Release type: Full-length Album
Licensed to: Spiritual Beast
Distributed by: Universal Music Japan

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